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We are driven by pursuit of excellence; cognisant of our limitations; Innovative and pragmatic. Will promise to do a better job for our clients than they could efficiently do themselves, more cost effectively.

Mark Banfield
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Mark Banfield has more than thirty years industry experience in a diversity of roles and organization types. Mark is a Professional Nurse by training, however has spent most of his working life on the supply side of healthcare. Mark earned a Masters of Business Administration with a dissertation on the economics of the regulation of medical devices in South Africa.

Mark Banfield

Starting as a sales representative and progressing through sales management, product management and marketing, Mark gained experience in Compliance and Quality, Operations, IT, Finance and General Management.

In 2003 Mark left corporate employment to establish a consulting practice. That was in some ways ahead of its time, leading to him return to corporate employment. Since 2013 Mark has been a leading thought leader and sought after consultant in the healthcare sector. Mark specializes in Market Research, Business Development, Quality and Regulatory compliance.

Afrihealth is a natural extension of Mark’s consulting work, which provides outsourced services to international companies wishing to enter the South African market, as well as providing contract corporate services through a network of leading service provider associates.

Belinda originally came out of the banking industry where she was involved with the rollout of the first online banking services. This gave Belinda a great foundation in business to business service provision, which she took into the healthcare industry. Initially working as a customer services agent but soon being promoted to National Customer Services Manager.

Belinda Banfield

After a brief sabbatical, Belinda rejoined the same company as a sales representative, but was soon promoted to National Sales and Marketing manager for the division, which she grew dramatically over a period of years.

Since leaving corporate, Belinda has been consulting to Medical Device companies and providing interim management, particularly of customer services, procurement, sales force effectiveness and market access strategies.

Mark and Belinda are supported by an administrative team and trusted service providers, who are engaged in support of clients.

We are also actively recruiting and training junior consultants in a variety of speciality areas.